Osborn Ministries International

Daisy Washburn Osborn 1924-1995

Dr. Daisy Washburn-Osborn served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Osborn Ministries International, a Christian Missionary Organization with Headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

“She discovered Bible truths that inspired tens of thousands of people to find those special gifts within themselves “

Dr. Daisy taught people to discover talents within themselves that when linked to God’s perfect design, produce the fruits of fulfillment, self-esteem and true happiness.  She encouraged women and men to actively participate in the Great Commission given by Jesus to all believers.  Her message has helped people discover that in Christ there is total equality, and that every true believer shares the same relationship with Him.  She taught people that they share the same identity with Christ, the same ministry, the same calling and the same anointing regardless of sex or race.

“Her message has helped people discover that in Christ there is total equality”

Dr. Daisy always looked to God as her source, and to Christ as her example.  She was dedicated to pursuing God’s purpose for her life.  Dr. Daisy consecrated herself to His work through the ministry of worldwide evangelism that she shared with her husband Dr. T.L. Osborn for over 50 years.  Her natural business acumen led to the assuming of multiple responsibilities that included director of all mass-evangelism crusade efforts and administration of the vast worldwide soulwinning and missionary outreaches of Osborn Ministries International.

A world citizen, Dr. Daisy was fluent in both French and Spanish.  She was a real “diplomate extraordinaire.”  Her ministry as a teacher evolved and developed into a powerful program to convince women and men everywhere to seek the extraordinary purpose that God has set for them.  Her message was applied universally by embracing all ages and lifestyles, and her teaching materials continue to be in demand worldwide today.

Some of Dr. Daisy’s professional accomplishments included: author of five major books, radio minister, national and international preacher, international conference and seminar speaker and successful businesswoman.  She was also a great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, soulwinner, teacher, wife and world ambassador for Christ.  Dr. Daisy Washburn-Osborn was truly one of God’s special women for the 20th century.  More than five decades of active ministry in over 70 nations, plus her administrative, diplomatic and business roles in the organization’s world outreaches, distinguish her among the most outstanding and experienced women in Christian Church history.